Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great Links

I know that I'm a day late with those great links that I promised, but it's better late then never. You see my mum has come to town for a quick visit (1 night) to drop my baby sister off for school holidays. Seen as though she lives almost 600km's away the visits are few and far between, unfortunately. So please forgive me but I decided that it was more important to savour every moment of her visit before posting on my blog.

Now lets get to business....

The first cab off the rank of great links would have to be a little beauty that I found on corrie's blog which is a free knitting pattern by the famous Jean Greenhowe for the most adorable Rainbow Baby.

Next we have a link to a very talented lady from Melbourne Australia, it's Joanne. She makes the most amazing cards, really worth a look.

As some of you may have noticed by the new button in my side bar, I have joined the ranks of yet another blog group... The Pincushion Challenge!!! What you do is make a Pincushion to match the theme on the blog and send an email of the finished cushion to the blogs host, it's then posted on the blog, kinda like the tie one on apron challenge but with Pincushions instead.

O.K. then I found this blog called Ric-Rac. Jodie is the creator of this fantastic blog. She has this great link to the Scrap Bag Challenge. I'm definitely going to join this one! You have to design a 16" cushion using the Chocolate Lollipop range of fabric, the entries are then judged and the winner of the challenge receives $150 worth of this wonderful fabric. Entries close 31st August so you have plenty of time to check it out.

I hope that everyone finds at least one of these links as helpful and inspiring as I have.
Happy reading!!!

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #24 - Give yourself a foot bath, finishing off with a pedicure. Your feet will love you for it.


  1. Cool links, thanks! I'm off to surf them!

  2. Thanks Marisa!!! I was going to post a heap more but didn't want to sound too long winded. Maybe I'll post some more during the week.


  3. hey jojo,
    great links.... luv corries blog anf am thinking that the pin cushion challenge is a must do... thanx for the inspiration AGAIN... your amazing.... think I have worked out something for the tie one on challenge..... mayb... but first this darn doll quilt...
    luv Abby

  4. I love Corrie's blog too... How is your doll quilt going?

    Love JoJo

  5. Oh - thanks for the great links. I missed out on all of the doll quilt hipe - But I think that I might have to make one for Amelia!

  6. Hi kylie,
    I nearly missed out on the doll quilt swap too. Maybe you'll be able to join the next round.


  7. dear Jo Jo
    we just wanted to let you know that we think you are a wonderful, caring, fun-loving person. we are very excited to have you in our lives. your thoughts and wisdom is what makes us better people. love you heaps Hayley, Skinner, Stephanie, Robert, Jordan, Zoey & Tweety Bird


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