Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Newest Additions

On Sunday my DH took me over to Louth to pick up the newest additions to my family. Here they are...I also got a ewe with twins at foot. Unfortunately they don't like to stand still enough to have there picture taken, well a clear one at least, so you'll have to wait for another day to get a looksee at them. If you look really hard you can see her in the far right hand corner of the above pic. She's locked up separate with her babies until she settles in.

I just love them all so much!!! They all have names (of coarse) and each and every one has personality to boot. We have Lucky (she's the one with the twins that I couldn't get a clear photo of), Browny (she's just about to have a baby and is to the left of the pic above), Beau (he's the little tan coloured ram in the middle of the pic) and last but not least Beauty (my little black and white baby girl to the right).... The most spoilt of them all would have to be Beau, he just loves to give me kisses, it's so sweet!!! I never thought sheep could be so friendly. My other 4 sheep are friendly but nothing like this tribe.

As for my little princess, she is in animal heaven!!! She's absolutely loves having all of these animals around her. Every time that we drive up the driveway she practically jumps out of her car seat trying to get her face up to the window to see them all. Then, whilst undoing her straps to let her out of the car she can't fight her excitement and has to let out several little squeals just to let them know that she's home. Mind you, the animals are equally excited to see her too, jumping around. Priceless!!!

This morning I managed to knit up one of these Saartje's Bootees before my little princess started her day. I originally got the link from my sister over at luv abby and she in turn got it from Crafted By Kylie. I've changed the pattern just a little bit and have decided to do the straps in a completely different way. Here's what I've done so far... I'll still use buttons to fasten the straps down but have decided to embellish the straps with some crocheting.

On another note... The team over at left me a comment on this post so I decided to go check them out. Let me fill you in on a little secret.... They have a blog and a web site and guess what... their both GREAT!!! It's set up for Aussie's to buy and/or sell handmade/homemade products. There isn't a lot for sale on there as of yet but hopefully after a little bit more exposure the product lists will grow. I'm really considering listing a couple of items with them to see how I go. It has a really fresh feel about it, not at all like etsy or eBay, I'm really loving it!!! p.s I have a link to their site in the column to the right.


  1. Can't wait for Cathy to get here and see the new additions - she has family out Louth way.
    Your new sheep are gorgeous - are you gathering a Spinners flock???!

  2. They are all cute. I hope the bootie is for you baby not your new additions. LOL. Thanks for the tip, I will head over to Madeit.
    I would love to try and sell things but etsy seems soooo big.

  3. Great photo of your new additions however I'm holding my breath for your Flashback Friday photo ;)

  4. Sweety, I just adore your blog!
    You write beautifully, you have the best way of describing things, it almost feels like I'm there!
    You write exactly how you speak - I love it.

    *Welcome to the team little sheep*

    I know what that excited baby squeal is like, Molly does the same when we pull up at the school to pick up the other kids, it is beautiful isn't it!

    Love your booty too

  5. Did I read right???? Louth? LOL I was out there a mere 4 weeks ago!!! Where did you get your new "Children"? Now Im excited too!!!

  6. Love those critters....and the booties are adorable ;)

  7. hey jode,
    great link they have some really innovative stuff on there... love the bootee and the changes sounds fantastic....
    luv Abby

  8. Congratulations on your newest babies! I love reading about your life, it's so different from mine! And the booty? Too cute!

  9. Hi Mandie,
    Isn't it such a small world!!! Unfortunately these sheep don't grow enough wool to clip so they are purely pets and the occasional lamb chop.

    Hi Fiona,
    Actually the bootie is for my sister in law, she is due to have a baby any day now. They would look cute on my new babies though. LOLOL.
    I'm the same!!! When I go check out etsy and ebay it all seems to daunting where as Made-it comes across alot more inviting for sellers.


  10. Hi Three Buttons,
    Thanks. You'll love my flash back photo this week!!! It's a real classic late 70's early 80's shot.

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you so very much, what lovely compliments... You're making me blush.

    Hi Alaina,
    Thanks! I think they're pretty darn cute myself!!

    Hi Ab,
    Yeah, I love their site! Have you checked out their blog? They have a couple of competitions on there with some really funky prizes... Go check it out!!

    Hi Sara,
    I love reading about your families adventures too. We're so completely different but so alike!!


  11. Hi Cathie,
    OMG it's such a small world!!! I got them from this lovely older couple on a farm about 30km north east (I think) of Louth called Pattison. Have you heard of it? There's only one other farm between them and Louth and that's owned by the Fraiser's. To cut a long story short... My Dad has actually just purchased Pattison but does't take possesion for another 3 weeks. These sheep were the owners wife's pets and seen as though she is moving where she can't have pets of this type... I purchased them off her...


  12. This is really adorable. Love the yummy color you used. So soft and pretty. Wish my feet were smaller.

  13. Thanks Marisa! I love these little bootees too. They always look so toasty on babies feet.


  14. well i think the meat on those bones taste YUMMY. and they multiply pretty fast toooooo. Although you thought they were goats when you guys flew out to Norma Vale for Lucys 21st. Funny....


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