Look @ what I Whipped Up

Last night I put the finishing touches on my nephews 1st birthday quilt. It's only a little one, probably big enough for a small cot. Here's a couple of sneak peaks.....
I can't reveal the whole quilt yet as it's as much a gift for his Mummy as it is for him. I hope this gets the creative side of every ones brains working, trying to figure out what design I've come up with. My nephews b'day is on Thursday so I'll do the big reveal then..... Promise.

This morning before work I managed to whip up this cute little bib. I put some plastic on the top layer of fabric to add a bit more durability.....
For the backing fabric I used a lemon gingham and then to fasten it up at the back I used a big chunky brass press stud......Next time I'll use bias tape around the edge of the fabric to finish it off instead of turning it inside out after stitching the inside seam as I found that really difficult with the thick plastic layer. What do you think?? Do you have any suggestions?

Oh, by the way...... I used my new machine 'Jan' (yes, that's right... she has a name now, Janome Jan) to whip both of these little beauties up. Oh so proud!!!!


  1. OMG!!!! OMG.... I think I can guess what it might be.... I see a cute label from aunty jojo.... and some thumb print quilting and lotsa boy type fabric.... ohhhhhh I can hardly wait....
    The bib looks super cute is it from your new "Bend the rules sewing" did it finally arrive??
    luv Ab

  2. Oooh I think Abby is going to be a very happy Mummy - can't wait for the unveiling!!
    I would do bias on the bib. I do it on my plastic place mats and it is way easier than turning it out.

  3. The quilt looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see it totally unveiled.

    And I love that you named your machine, I usually name all my things, but I never got around to naming my machine. She is reverantly reffered to as "The Bernina".

  4. What a great looking quilt (so far) Can't wait til Thursday.....
    Love the little bib but she doesn't look to happy in the second pic.
    I've never used plastic but bias binding sounds easier. Great fabrics.
    So glad your pleased with your sewing machine, I hear both good and bad stories about Janome Jan, strange lady.

  5. Hi Ab,
    I thought this pic might have given it away... To you anyway. I love how the label turned out the only thing that I forgot was the date. I'll have to add one I guess.

    Hi Felicia,

    Hi Louise,
    Thanks for the advice/tip for my next bib. I've already cut it out now all I have to do is sew it up with the bias.

    Hi Sara,
    I love to name all of my toys. My DH just laughs at me when I call them by their names. Jan is such a champ, she is definately worth her weight in gold.


  6. Hi Fiona,
    your right.... My little princess wasn't very impressed about modeling for me yesterday morning. Maybe a bribe of the sweet chocolaty variety might be the key for a co-operative model next time.
    Oh do tell me more.... What is the negative feedback about my perfect little angel Jan?????


  7. I know what you mean - that plastic is a bugger to turn but slightly easier if it is warm I find.
    Bias might make it a whole lot easier - looking forward to the big reveal.

  8. The quilt looks great! I am sure it will be treasured!

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting!I love Flag Iris but its hard to get any nice and diferent colours here in WA as Quarantine stops a lot of things but I was lucky here this time and found a supplier who caters for us Westerns!(or Wait a Whiles!)

  10. It's 4 minutes until Wyatts official birthday, but I think I know what the quilt it. It's a quilt of jars filled with boy things! Looks wonderful, he and his mumm will love it. My machine is 'Nina' for Bernina and I am just about to get to work on her. Love the bib idea, bias will be much easier I'm sure, give it a go. Lisa

  11. Hi Lisa,
    I can't believe my little nephew is already 1!!! Boy has this year flown by.
    I made up a couple of bibs using bias tape instead and they look soooo much better and were heaps easier to make. Thanks for the tip.


  12. jodie
    how did you make the label on this quilt that you made? I would love to add those to my clothing/ quilts that I make
    thanks julie

  13. What type of Janome do you have?? I just love Janome's I have the Janome 6500 and i also have a janome serger
    love em


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