I finally got around to putting the press studs on those overalls I made back in this post. This picture really doesn't give them much justice but what the heck.... What do you think?They'll be a great gift for my little princess come Xmas time. I'd give them to her now, I love them that much, only they're a bit too big. They should definitely fit her in a couple of months. Team them up with a little white peter pan collared blouse with short puffy sleeves and some Mary-Jane's and hey presto.... a gorgeous little outfit. I guess that means I have 3 months to make her a blouse.

It's my nephews b'day next weekend so I decided to make him a little doll quilt to go with his present to add that homemade touch. I've already sewn half of the front of his little quilt but seen as though it's supposed to be a surprise and I know his mother is an avid reader of my blog I'm unable to show you my progress. I can however give you all a sneak peak at some of the fabrics that I've used......

You're probably thinking - 'OMG what is this crazy lady thinking with that horrible selection of colours', but let me tell you now..... This quilt is definitely original and it's sure to make my little handsome nephew smile when he sees it. It's a real eye catcher.

My beautiful sister's wedding over the weekend was AMAZING!!!! And as we speak she's in a plane flying to London for her honeymoon. It feels like only yesterday that I was doing the exact same thing, jet setting around the globe on my honeymoon, 2 years ago as of the 3rd of this month to be precise. Boy how time just fly's by.


  1. Great overalls, can't wait to see the little matching blouse. I too had the same type of outfit for my daughter only difference was that she wore her brother's navy overalls and I would team with pink or white blouse and cute little boots. Can't wait to see the dolls quilt too. Love the boyish fabrics.

  2. ohhhh u big mean tease....
    cant wait to see the finished product...
    luv u

  3. I LOVE putting my girls in overalls and with a cute shirt and shoes - adorable! They look very professional! Can't wait to see the secret quilt.

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I just love overalls on little girls. It looks so sweet and country.
    I've tried something that I've never done before with this little quilt. I hope that it turns out O.K.

    Hi Ab,
    I so badly want to put a pic of it on my blog but will have to wait until next week..

    Hi Louise,
    I'm pretty happy with the pattern too!!! They were so easy to sew up, which is always a plus. I might try a pair of short leg overalls next seen as though it's summer and all.

    Hi Felicia,


  5. I don't think the fabric are whacky at all. Sometimes the most beautiful combinations come from the unexpected.

  6. I love a Peter Pan collar on a little blouse - I'll stay tuned for that one. Oh , if you can't get your D and Jane fabric (I have had trouble with that first word and spam filters) locally you can get it online at BP !

  7. Hi Cosy,
    I must agree!

    Hi Jodie,
    Thanks for the advice. I've found a local lady who's thinking of supplying so hopefully I'll be able to get some soon.



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