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This is just a quick post to give all of you curious ones out there a quick look at my new Janome sewing machine that I mentioned in my last post.....

Isn't she a beauty????? Can you see all of the stitches on the board at the top? Well that board flips and there's just as much on the reverse. I just love it. I have endless craft opportunities with this little gem.

Also..... As promised here are a some snap shots of my new Doll Quilt from the very talented Julia (her blog link is in my previous post).

The fabric is just divine, I love chocolate brown and dusty pinks, how did she know? The quilting is in a finger print design, now isn't that original?

My little baby sister is getting married in Griffith over the weekend. I can't believe it!!!! It still feels like she's only 13 not 23. We're leaving tomorrow morning and won't be home until Sunday night. So have a great weekend everyone and I'll catch you all on Monday.


  1. Ooooo very nice. Bragging rights are deserved...
    Love the quilt colours and pattern.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Congrats on the new sewing machine! I can't wait to see what you make with it. And I love your quilt. Also? I am so glad you're back, I was getting a little worried :)

  3. Lucky girl, what a fantastic sewing machine. Gotta say I love a Janome! I love the autumn quilt you received - very cute colours. I also have mine and will post about it later. Mine to send is yet to be completed but it's well on it's way.

  4. Fancy machine....cooooooooooool. Nice going.

  5. Gorgeous quilt - have a great wedding !

  6. wow that is one high tech machine! now mine looks totally antique compared to that! well done

    oh and my sewing patterns are mostly from ebay! I just love the older ones for keira and when they're on sale at SL for $5 or $6 i'm known to go a bit crazy

    have fun at the wedding! I can't wait to hear when my sis gets married

  7. wow jode. I cant wait to come over and see that baby in person.... does it cook dinner also...hehe...luv Abby

  8. Hi Fiona,
    I had an amazing weekend! The wedding was beautiful. I must admit.... I've never seen a more beautiful bride.

    Hi Sara,
    I'm glad to be back! I'll have to pop by and catch up on all of your comings and goings of the last month.

    Hi Louise,
    I'm a big Janome girl too. I guess it must be because my grandma, nanna and mum all used them and it's what I know best.
    Ooohhh... I can't wait to see what you've come up with for your autumn quilt. I love your creations and I'm sure that this one will be just as inspiring as the one you made for the Doll Quilt Swap!


  9. Hi Marisa,
    Tell me about it!!! I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I've been wanting one of these machines since the 6500 came out about 5 years ago, I can't believe I actually have one!!!

    Hi Jodie,
    The wedding was wonderful. The bride (my sister, and by the way I'm not at all bias, lol) was so beautiful it took my breath away.... I even cried as she walked down the isle.

    Hi Corrie,
    My old Janome looks antique sitting next to it too but I'm sure that it could give my new machine a run for its money as I'm sure your machine could too.
    I've been trying to stock up my patterns when I see them on special at SL too, I guess it just takes time.

    Hi Ab,
    I only wish....LOL


  10. Hi Jodie,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it is appreciated. I know your sister and who has just moved to NSW wuite well. We have crossed paths many times with our nursing in NSW weird but true.

    Are you in the same town as her now? Love your new machine, must be fun making little girl clothes, especially summer dresses.

    Must go, I'm supposed to be sewing this afternoon, and have just begun so don't want to stop the momentum.

    Talk again I'm sure, Lisa

  11. Thanks for popping by lisa!!! I love your blog, it's always full of inspiration.

    Isn't it a small world? Yes I'm in the same town as my big sis Ab. It's great to have her back home again, it feels like forever since we lived in the same state let alone the same town, I'm very lucky to have her so close.


  12. I am so envious! I would absolutely ADORE a machine like that (although I'm still quite fond of my 18 year old Pinnock). Fantastic machine and great work you've done with it!

  13. Hi Lara,
    Thanks for popping by!! I loved my old machine too but this baby is faster, neater, quieter, cleverer, prettier, shinnier.... The list could go on and on but I won't bore you with it.



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