The Outfit and a Little Crafting.....

It was so hard to take a good pic of the little princess in her party outfit on Thursday night... The lighting at the Club was absolutely shocking and I was using DH's camera which wasn't a great idea, it's no where near as good as mine.....

Here's a back view of Connie waiting to receive her pressy from Santa... Isn't she such a good little girly waiting ever so patiently for her turn..... :)
Her she is opening her pressie with Daddy.....
And just in case you couldn't see the little outfit quite good enough here's a pic I took of it after I washed it this morning..... Skirt..... Apron Top... And Yo-Yo Hair Clip.....
On my 'to make' Xmas pressie list this year are a heap of knitted/crochet Washcloths. I whipped this crochet one up last night in some lovely Chocolate coloured cotton yarn I bought from here.....
I have another one on the go as of this morning in some lovely pastel pink yarn from the same place.... I also made 2 of these knitted Xmas tree Washcloths up the other day (yarn for these was also from here) and they're in the post as I write this on their way to a lovely ladies home for an early Xmas treat.....

Here's a better look at the red one... It has little Xmas trees scattered all over it, perfect for Xmas and sooooo super easy.... I hope she loves her surprise.... :)What Xmas crafts have you got on the go at the moment????? I've been seeing some gorgeous stuff floating around blogland of late and it's been such a huge inspiration.... Thank-you all!!!!!


  1. Oh it is a very cute outfit and she is such a good girl not pushing in to wait. Love the dishcloths, which reminds me I need to knit some up for my aunt.

  2. Cute little outfit . I'm knitting a rabbit at the minute
    lisa x

  3. Gorgeous outfit for such a gorgeous girl!

    Your gifts are coming along well :-)

  4. she looks so cute!
    i keep seeing your dishcloths and thinking i should knit some up - but i never seem to have time. maybe in the new year???

  5. How cute is that outfit....and my favourite colour too!
    I popped over because I was thinking of you....getting very close to your due date now.
    Nice to see your 'nesting' instict is still alive and well. You have been so productive and your knitting has been especially lovely. the face cloths are a great idea....unfortunately I am not the best knitter but am giving that idea to my
    Take care and I will call again soon to see how you are getting on.

  6. I'm very tempted to try to knit one of those.

  7. I have an award for you! Please come by and pick it up.

  8. That purple dress is to cute! I can imagine some little girl feels pretty in that one.


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