Where do I start?????

Well today is my first official day off..... As of Friday last week I've cut back my full-time working hours from 50+ a week to just 16. Instead of working Monday to Friday like I always have I'll now be only working on Tuesday and Wednesday for 8 hours each day until bub #2 comes along...

I have the BIGGEST list of things to do and I really don't know where I'm going to start.... I haven't even got bub #2's room ready yet, how sad is that... :( It's needing a coat of paint and new curtains hung before I even think about setting the cot up... At least I can say that it's up near the top of my BIG list....

I've been finding myself drawn back to the knitting needles over the past week. I managed to knit this little hat up over the weekend..... and this little pair of matching socks.... (Both of these patterns are free raverly downloads for those who might be interested)

Has anyone started on their Xmas pressy list yet??? I started sketching mine down last week, I'm hoping to go handmade again this year after last years success... I'd love to hear if you're doing the same.... Take Care :)


  1. Hi Jelly, good to hear you are cutting back your hours. Love the hat (the colour is so pretty). I have started my Christmas shopping (and making). Most of my pressies are handmade - either by me or someone else. It's a great way to give something unique.

  2. Enjoy the change of pace and getting ready for your second little one. I haven't though about Christmas yet...but hope to put a bit of handmade goodness in with everyones package!

  3. Enjoy your cut back hours the time really does go so fast.
    Your knitting is really coming along, *grin* well done and keep it up, love seeing it!
    I am making almost all handmade gifts this year, though Santa is bought as handmade would give him away! Just today dd7yrs said "I wonder how Santa watches us...." hehehehe
    What sort of gifts did you give last year???
    Bec xxxx
    PS What did you think of my article in the mag I sent?

  4. Great to hear that your letting yourself get some rest (at least from work not crafting). I love the hat and the little socks are so cute. I would love to go handmade but not everyone in my family likes it, especially Paul's side so I have started buying theirs.

  5. Not Long to go Now.!! Good to hear you are cutting back now from work...Gorgeous little Hat & Socks...Enjoy doing the Babies Room...

  6. bout time to slowed down from work...........lol .........take care.........

  7. good for you for slowing down a bit! Love that that hat and wee pair of socks. Too cute. Hope you are feeling well.

  8. make the most of your rest time because soon you won't have it. Can you send me your address again please as I lost some of my e-mails when I swapped laptops and unfortunately yours was amongst the lost. Thanks - now get your feet up
    lisa x

  9. Beautiful hat and socks!
    I've been working through my Christmas list... we're doing all handmade this year - or I should say I'm doing all handmade this year... my husband is not so crafty. Guess thats what Etsy is for!

  10. Love the knitting that you are doing at the moment. Good on you for cutting back - working 50+ hours plus what you do around your place must have been wearing you out! Take time to enjoy the last part of your pregnancy and the quality time that you have with your little girl and hubby before the three of you become four!

    The hat is lovely - Ihave just found you on rav and added you as a friend. Thanks for the heads up.

    Christmas Lists - well you have already seen mine and it a little envious if I do say so myself...

  11. Nice to know that you are slowing down...a little bit of rest would be a great start...lovely knitting..take care gorgeous.

  12. Funny you should ask - I just finished my gift list last week. I have most of the patterns picked out and all the yarn I need. Now I really need to stop buying yarn, and start knitting!

    Glad you have a chance to slow down a bit - sounds like you could use it!


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