Stocking Fillers

I knitted up this super cute and easy dolly over the weekend to put in the little princess's Xmas stocking this year.....The pattern was a freebie from here..... I swear it only took a couple of hours to whip up (don't forget I'm only a novice knitter) and the hardest part of the whole thing was the sewing on of the arms to the body. It stands about 20cm tall and the hat and scarf are detachable. The pattern also has instructions for a little sleeping bag to go with your dolly too but I didn't make that up...
You can't really tell but the yarn is a lavender colour, not blue like it looks in the pics... I'm going to knit bub #2 one of these dollies up to for a stocking filler...
I also had a go at crocheting a little pixie type doll too but am not too happy at how it turned out... :(
This pattern was also a freebie from Raverly, not that I'm recommending it thought....I was going to make a heap of these little pixie's in different colours for Xmas decorations, not anymore... LOL!!!
I've decided to try and knit up a heap of these little cuties instead. I'd love to do enough before December 1st so that I can use them as an advent calendar, stay tuned you never know what might evolve....
Take Care :)


  1. well cute - you would never think you were a " novice knitter". Jean Greenhow stuff is very cute but Julies stuff is gorgeous. Good luck with the stockings
    Lisa x

  2. They are both super cute. I might have to knit one of those for my little one, too.

  3. I didnt even know you were a novice knitter either. I think you did a wonderful job and toys are easy to knit but sometimes hard to put together just right. I think your dolly turned out so cute. I like the little pixie too.

  4. you have done a wonderful job of knitting these little dolls. They are gorgeous. I am off to check it out.

  5. how cutie! if only i know how to knit! ;)

  6. I'm agreeing with everyone else. Super cute but I think you're too blessed with the knitting gift to say you're a "novice." :-) Hope you are well Jodie! It's so fun to watch you preparing for Bub 2!

  7. The little lady is so cute well done. And if you start now you migh just get enough of those little stockings knitted! You can always knit through the month too!

  8. I love all your knitting and crochet projects - the doll is great, and the little baby top so gorgeous. Thanks for the links - I've just signed up for Ravelry too!


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