Tie One On.....

After speaking with my sister recently I couldn't stop thinking about the latest Tie One On theme... So late last night with ideas buzzing around my head I got to sewing and came up with this.....
OMG!!!! It's SO hard to take a pic of yourself, any pointers would be great... :( I used some red and white striped fabric for the skirt of my apron and and white with red flowers for the binding and strap... I added 3 big pin tuck on each side of the skirt to add shape and body, some interfacing to my waistband to help it stay upright, some binding all of the way around with curved edges and that was practically it.... I'm now trying to think of where to put a pocket or some kind of embellishment..... Ideas welcome!!!!!
Both fabrics you can see better in the pic's of the stockings below... The stocking 2nd from the right in the first pic is the binding fabric..... And the stocking 2nd from the left in the 2nd pic is the skirt fabric.... Oh yeah, onto the advent garland... I've been turning these out at a rate of knots over the past 24-36 hours... I just free hand drew each of the stockings as I went along grabbing fabric and trims that I had on hand in my stash so everyone is 'individual'. When I got to about the 5th one I started wondering how I was going to stay focused to the end but then by the 24th I was wishing for more, they were so fun to do!!!!!
Now I just need to come up with something to put in each of the stockings, without getting too much plastic-y kid junk... That's one thing for each of my girls for 24 days, 48 little things....????? Any ideas?????
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  1. They look so cute Jodie. Maybe some little wooden toys or something handmade. Your apron looks great too. I agree that it is very hard to take a pic of yourself.

  2. A very nice apron! And the christmas stockings are too cute. Have just made miss A one and I must do a post about it :)

  3. Balloons. Notes with activities such as 'we will picnic in the park today'. Hair clips from fabric buttons?

  4. Christmas decorations are always good and hair ties & ribbons are useful.

  5. so cute!! All of it. You look like your heading out for the day in that apron!! I am going with little clues in each stocking!! No plastic but maybe some choc for my little choc-o-holics. lol

  6. phwoar...look at your pins hun! :)

  7. Love the apron!
    How about small packet of coloured pencils, then small activity book etc

  8. What about small books? art supplies. (I'm guessing you will have crafty girls like their mum) Candies?

    I've WANTED to do this for awhile but I am wrapping up 25 books and they will take turns opening it up at night and we will read it before bed. But I need to go looking for more books.

    Love the stockings and aprons!!

  9. Wow - Your legs are amazing!!

    I use the self timer if I have to take a pic of myself... takes a couple of goes sometimes but that's no biggy being digital & all... and if I had legs like yours I'd be taking pictures of them all day long lol!

    I have totally stolen some of your commenters ideas for advent stocking stuffers for when I get around to making ours.... ;)

  10. what a cute little apron!

    couple of ideas i can think of, set of colouring pencils, peg doll kit (just a peg, fabric and wool scraps), finger puppets (you could make those yourself), mini purses, bracelets (again you could make yourself) and mini sock monkeys. HTHs :)

  11. So very cute! The c.stocking are just splendid!


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