Today I'm.......

....watching the last of the grain trucks drive down the road with a big grin on my face....... *^_^*
It's so good to be at the end of harvest and be able to say 'it was all smooth sailing'. It's not unusual to have at least one breakdown when your operating machinery like this, especially when it's being worked round the clock. And for the weather to stay fine at this time of year when we usually have thunderstorms is a big fluke...
But now, thank goodness, the crop is all off and the only thing left is one hell of a dusty road which in turn means one very dusty home..... :(
So, I'm off to do a bit of cleaning, wish me luck...
Take Care... :)


  1. I hope you get a little rain now, or will that just turn the dust to a mud-bath :-)

  2. What a great feeling watching the last truck roll out!

    Hope you averaged LOTS of bags :)

  3. Good luck cleaning. Hope you get into the "groove" that's all it takes and then you turn into a cleaning machine... as long as little ones aren't pestering and pulling at your hem. Glad everything is going to smoothly at the farm. xo Meagan.

  4. Good luck with the cleaning Jodie. It's so wonderful when Mother nature cooperates. This weekend we finished putting the spuds in and 5 minutes later the skies opened and dumped 55mm of rain in about 12 hours. Yay!! Have a great week.

  5. Well done on surviving harvest and having it all done. We had rain - quite a bit over the weekend - so that has slowed both the farmers and the fruit growers down around here. Anytime you need more cleaning - pop on over...vbg. You should see the builders and plasters dust that they have kindly spread everywhere.

  6. YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That's great news. Did you get a good yield? Have fun cleaning - if that is possible.


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