Today I'm....

....organising an Xmas Washcloth Swap.
Can you believe that it's only 4 weeks til Xmas??? I've been dying to do an Xmas round of my Washcloth Swap but really wanted to wait for the start of December before posting about it, whoops.... :)

For this round of the swap you will make one Xmas themed washcloth for a secret partner as well as 1 little Xmas ornament, and I mean little, lets keep it nice and simple here to help keep the postage costs down.... We'll plan to post our washer's out by the 18th of Dec, so that's just under 3 weeks to whip them up.
Sign-ups start today and will close when we have 10 swappers registered (lets keep this one nice and small)....

So if you'd like to join in on this round of the swap just leave me a comment and within the week I'll be in contact with you regarding the rest of the details...

Take Care..... Jodie.....
BTW... Thanks for all of the great feedback on my washers and the fantastic shop ideas... It was so hard to pick 2 winners so I drew them out of a hat... Sue and Maria you are the lucky ladies and have one of my new washers headed your way, thanks for your comments...
Also, I forgot to mention that the winner of my 2nd giveaway from back here was Meagan. So if you could all forward me your snail mail addresses that would be great (except you Sue, I already have yours)........ :)


  1. Thank you Jodie for picking me, so nice to receive gifts in the mail. Please count me in for this xmas swap too as I have been waiting with anticipation for the xmas one. Cant wait to get started and can we include a little chocky in there too.

  2. Can I join in this round please Jodie? I've been watching enviously over the course of the last two swaps....reckon it must be time for me to play :)

  3. I'd love to join in again! Now that my SSCS parcel is on it's way it would be fun to get another parcel in the mail.

  4. Jodie I enjoyed the last one and would love to be included in this one. Great organising.

  5. Yes, I want to join! I found some Christmas ornament patterns and now I have an excuse to make one!

  6. Count me in.... cheeky girl!!

  7. I will have to give it a miss this time as I have far too much on until Christmas (not sure if I will get it all done....). I will certainly keep this in mind for this time next year though! looking forward to seeing all the washcloths!

  8. A HUGE thank you Jodie - I was surprised and excited when I received your email.

    Love to be in the swap, if possible

  9. I would love to join in this round too. I have been watching out and waiting for you to announce this swap!


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