Happy New Year!!!!!

This year was my first ever Xmas in my own home... I usually travel and spend Xmas with extended family but this year we stayed put!!! We had such a great day and then on boxing day we packed up the car and headed down south to visit family and friends for a week.... I made loads of little hampers that were dropped off along the way....
With the most favourite thing of all being my 'cinnamon butter' shortbread (which is just the shortbread recipe from the last post with a generous teaspoon of ground cinnamon and an extra 2 Tablespoons of butter added to the butter mixture and then topped with a cinnamon sugar before baking...) YUMMO!!!
As part of Connie's Xmas pressy this year I made her some of these cute little skirts... They were inspired by this great tutorial by Dana.... This woman is a geneous!!! She makes the most amazing clothes and if you haven't checked her out you really should... *^_^*
For Brad for Xmas this year we bought a truck.... This is going to make it so much easier to take our livestock to market in the new year and hopefully, just maybe, we might be able to transport a few other peoples stock as well in our spare time to earn a little extra money...
Now, while I was away the gardening God's really were shinning on my little garden... :)
I pulled all of the ripe veggies off before we left and then when I returned home after 6 days I had a bumper crop of cucumbers, zucchini and squash waiting for me....

(I'll pop some more pics on my pore neglected gardening blog sometime today for those interested...) This batch will be turned into pickles and relish... You see, I have some very exciting news, as of the New Year I will be stocking my preserves in a shop in Cobar, how exciting is that???

Happy New Year...... Jodie.....


  1. Yum, your vegies are looking good :-) Hopefully mine are still doing ok when i get home. Picked my first zucchini last week, and found a heap of huge potatoes in the compost again...

  2. Oh my goodness your veggies are looking great! Would you mind sharing your pickle recipe? We've done cucumbers this year and they are growing faster than we can eat them...I've given one away to all the neighbors, but would love to try some pickles! -kb

  3. Well, all my garden plants are dead now. It is good to see some green! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family. I am adding my new blog address.

  4. Happy New Year Jodie! Your cinnamon shortbread sounds delicious. It is nice to stay home for xmas sometimes isnt it. We only had to travel 20 minutes away this year which was nice. The kids had fun swimming with their cousins in the pool which is heated so they werent too cold! I love Connie's skirt, very festive and pretty. Your vegies look great too, our tomatoes are only left now and are looking very withered but the tomatoes are still growing and ripening.

  5. Happy New Year! Everything looks lovely- and the veggies! Woohoo! My urban garden really took a beating while i was gone. Between earwigs and rats nothing was saved. Very very sad. I will have to start a whole new crop and method soon. Just got home yesterday and finally got to get my grubby hands on your washers- love love love! Thank you so much! xo m.

  6. How great that you are going to be selling your produce! I didn't realise you had a gardening blog, I will follow it.

    One of my resolutions for the year ahead is to better use my garden and keep on top of it.

    I still have pickles and chutney from last year so will be making sauce this year. The only other time I have made sauce it was too runny. Any tips for fixing runny tomato sauce?

  7. Happy New Year to you Jodie!!Great vegies and nice Truck!!!


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