Monday, January 25, 2010

Yo-Yo Fun....

While sorting through my every growing scrap pile this morning I decided to give my new super cute heart shaped yo-yo maker a go... I whipped up a couple of yo-yo's in no time thanks to my handy little gadget and then turned them into hair pins for the girls......
A cute red checked one for Little Millie
And a bright yellow one for Miss Connie....
These little heart shaped yo-yo's are so addictive, I can see quite a bit of my scrap pile being eaten up by them in the very near future...
Do you have a scrap pile??? If so how do you keep it organised??? Mine is an absolute MESS and needs a real overhaul so any advice that you have would be great....

Take Care..... Jodie....... :)


  1. i've given my scrap box to louis who loves to use the fabric to create things - he made himself a bag for his cards, and he made an apron. all of these are rather haphazard looking, but he loves it.
    i love what you are doing with the scraps though - very clever!

  2. I have all my scraps in their colours in their own plastic box (which float during floods)...I have a plastic bag near my cutting table and put all scraps there... then every couple of months I sort them into their boxes... I use them in applique mainly but have just made a string quilt with them as well and still have loads left...

  3. Those photos are beautiful!!!
    I have no clue what's in my scrap bin until I need something for a small project and then I go rumaging for treasure. It's always fun.

  4. too cute!!!!

    I have a flower type yo yo maker........mmmmmmmmmmmm must go dig it out.

    my scrap boxes are sorted into colours only.

  5. I don't have a stash but those sure are cute clips!

  6. My scrap box is one of those huge plastic tubs that I have to wrestle the lid on every time I dip into it! So I probably don't have too many tips on keeping it organised!

  7. ohhh girls you rock ab's world with your cuteness made even cuter by your mama's makings! Well done jode!
    Also how cute is mil-mil trying to get a peek at pussy cat!

  8. I just had a tidy up of the sewing room and remembered that I got teased by a couple of sewing friends for my 'little scraps' they just chuck them - so glad to see that you are a scrap hoarder too!

  9. I don't have the heart shape, just love the others, those hair clips are cute! And don
    t talk to me about scraps, or sewing rooms a mess! Tracey

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  11. Those are super cute and I agree -- yoyos are addictive! Like some others, I have all my scraps organized by color in see-through plastic boxes.

  12. I agree - addictive indeed.

    Have no idea with the scraps - I have just started putting all of mine into a plastic bag and Amelia will take them off to Kindergarten. I unfortnatley dont have the room for them here!

    Love the heart yoyo maker -I have the ordinary one and a flower one (I dont think much of the flower one though)


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