Ripe for the Pickin'.....

This morning while hanging out the washing with little Millie we discovered something.Just around the corner from the clothes line is our grape vine and today the fruit was just ripe enough for the pickin' so Millie decided to help herself.........
I have visions of yummy pint sized jars filled with purple grape jam in the not too distant future.... Yum-mo!!!! That's only if we don't eat them all first... :)
I battled the heat for a little while today, that was until it reached 42'C, and made a start on waxing an old table I bought at a clearing sale 12 months ago for $5....
The wax I'm using is a black one which I bought from here for $14, 1 tub will do 2 tables. It really helps to make all of the age marks caused by the years of wear and tear look extra rustic... I can't wait to finish this table as I have another one waiting in the wings for a bit of TLC too.
Do you have loads of kitchen appliances???? I do and they all usually live stacked away in a cupboard. I love using all of them but hate having to drag them out every-time I want to use them....
Once I'm finished 'waxing' my 2 tables they'll be destined for my pantry (my pantry is absolutely huge, the size of a normal kitchen), here they'll serve as utility benches. I'll then be able to have all of my gadgets out and ready to be used whenever the urge strikes, YIPPEE!!!!!
Here's hoping you're staying cool where you are today...
Take Care.... Jodie....... :)


  1. The table looks wonderful Jodie and I can imagine how lovely it will look once you have finished. I wish I had a kitchen sized pantry too, it would make it so much easier to find things in there.

  2. as big as a kitchen! Pantry envy!! Do show.....

  3. Jealous! Id love a big kitchen, let alone a big pantry!

  4. Cant wait to see that jam!!!!

    pantry envy here too!!!

  5. ohhh the heaven of a kitchen sized pantry and space to set out allllll of the appliances. very jealous! and loving that table as well, very country kitchen looking

  6. Wow grapes...and a pantry... it's -3 here in London and my kitchen sides are cluttered..

    Table looks great - clever find x

  7. Oooh, those tables are going to be really cool! And how exciting to have such a big pantry -- I'd love that!

  8. Fresh grapes sound wonderful! And that table looks cool! By the way, did you receive your giveaway item?

  9. I am so jealous you have a pantry! And the size of a kitchen, too!! You are so lucky!

  10. that is a lovely table. am obsessed with old wood. love it. want to decorate our house in white and wood. simple and earthy!

  11. I have to say that I love reading your posts. Not only do you have uber-cute crafts and patterns, but the recipes are great.

    But that's not why I'm writing. It's been a while since I visited and I've read through your last few posts. It's about 15 degrees below freezing here with a wind chill much lower. We can't even play in the snow! Reading your cheerful, summery posts give me an extra little lift! I can't wait to start planning my garden. ;)

  12. I am not sure if I like you anymore - a kitchen sized pantry! Just kidding, of course I still like you - just very envious. We have quite a large kitchen but still not enough room. I could not cope with a tiny kitchen - ours is in fact I think bigger than our lounge room (that's a whole other story).

    Love the tables. Wish I still lived in country TAS so I could grab such bargains and pile them up in Dad's sheds. I think I still have a few 'projects' there waiting for me to come rescue them.


  13. That sounds marvelous! I know EXACTLY what you mean about dragging your appliances out. They're on a top top shelf and i need to get a stepping stool just to get them down and put them away. You'll have to show us the finished product when everything's all set up. xo m.

  14. It didn't take Millie long to discover the delights of picking grapes. There is nothing better than cold grapes on a hot day. Not many would make it to jam if it was me.
    The table is coming up great. I hadn't heard of black wax. I hope we will see a pic when it is all finished.
    I always loved visiting my godmother, who lived in a large old farmhouse and had a big old fashioned walk in pantry. It was the best.

  15. That table is amazing Jodie, can't wait to see it finished.
    The picking pic reminds me of when we went berry picking just before Christmas - our smallest Miss had lots of red around her mouth but no logn berries in her bucket! Funny that.

  16. beautiful table!
    Our grapes are ripe for picking too.... veyr yummy!

  17. Hey Jodie somehow stumbled upon your blogspot... wwwwowwww!!!, you do some amazing stuff. Can't believe all the things you can just 'whip' up!! You should be very proud of yourself. Hope things are going well over your way, very dry here although the river is coming up... which releives water probs. Your kids are gorgeous, we have a Millie too. I had twin girls Millie & Poppy. 8.5 mnths now..phew
    Would love some of your gorgeous clothes, so email me if you have any to sell I have been sewing but have nowhere near the talent you have. I'm sticking to embellishing singlets and hats... too hard to buy cute stuff that is also simiiar for twins. Keep well and cool in this stinking hot weather.

  18. SO cute about the grapes! i was the same way with strawberries as a kid. Helping Poppa pick them was the best--one for the basket, two for me :-)

    The tables are going to look lovely. What a great find! And that sounds like a good idea in the large pantry. I didn't used to have as many kitchen appliances but now that we're getting into the breadmaker/crock pot phase I'm wondering how many more are on their way. I'm thinking we'll add a little food processor soon but hopefully not too much more! :)


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