Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chance Meeting.....

I got the chance to meet up with the sweetest blogger over the weekend who just happened to be passing through my town, Janice....
She even bought me a pressy, can you believe it???? Some gorgeous thrifted corduroy that I'm dying to turn into matching skirts for my girls.... If you can see it past my pesky ginger cat that you're doing well... I love cats and with another kitten arriving in the wee hours of the morning over the weekend I now bring my running total to 6... I know, I know, I really am becoming a bit of a cat lady these days... LOL!!!
Anyway, back to Janice... It was so great to put a face to the name!!! Janice has joined in on every one of my washcloth swaps so I've gotten to know her fairly well via email.... We have great plans of meeting up again soon in her home town of Bathurst and I just can't wait, especially after she told me that she loves to 'collect'... Boy are we going to get along well as I'm a bit of a hoarder as well, oops I mean 'collector' (hehehehehe).................. :)
Here's hoping you're having a great week thus far...
Hugs................. Jodie..............


  1. Nothing wrong with being a cat lady, or a collector :-)

  2. This lady did get around on the weekend didn't she.
    Would have been lovely to finally meet.

  3. I like that fabric, very nice - look forward to seeing the skirts!

  4. always lovely yo meet up with bloggers.........

  5. It was just lovely to meet you and Connie too. What a pity that we forgot to take a happy snap. We are now in Kalgoorlie and have been having a great trip. Looking forward to meeting up with you again soon.


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