Monday, March 29, 2010

For My Readers...

I'm lucky enough to have some of these little leather coin purses to give away to 2 of my readers....
It's simple to make one of them yours, just tell me a story about 'bunk beds'. The two stories that make me laugh/cry the most will win, easy hey...
Looking forward to hearing your stories.... Hugs...... Jodie :)
p.s.... thanks to buyster for this great giveaway offer....


  1. aw darn I have no funny stories about bunk beds. I remember at summer camp we had bunks stacked 3 tall! and someone fell off the top and broke a bone.

  2. Hi Jodie, I have a bunk bed story. Do I share it here? I'm new to this so I'll take a punt ... Here it is...

    We had been living in the suburbs in our neat brick and tile suburban home when we fell in love with a ramshackle stone cottage on acreage in the hills. So we sold our house and moved, taking ourselves and our 5 year old son to a whole new lifestyle. It was wonderful, and it obviously agreed with us because along with the chooks and the fruit trees we gained 4 more children in 5 years! Which was lovely, except for the fact that we still only had a 2 bedroom cottage.

    This is where my bunk bed story begins. To fit all of the children into our tiny home we traded my eldest son's pine 'Bunkers' half high bunk for a pale blue, slightly rusted tall pipeline bunk bed. With my eldest son on the top bunk, my two youngest sons top to tail in the bottom bunk and my eldest daughter on the trundle next to the window, on the other side of the room, there was just enough space to wheel the cot into the middle of the room between the beds.

    5 children in one room! The kids loved it, and had a lot of fun jumping off the top bunk into to cot.

    Looking back it seems like a crazy way to live. We went on to build an extension, then another, but those early days hold many happy memories. And I can never see a bunk bed without thinking about our cosy little cottage the joy that jumping off the top bunk into a cot can bring.

  3. Those are adorable -- they match your three new little kitties -- which are SUPER cute with your girls!

    Bunk Beds! What a fun topic! When I was little, I had the top bunk with my sister on the bottom. They were tall bunks, and the top of my grandpa's head was just visible from my bunk when he would walk in to check on us. Grandpa had BEAUTIFUL white hair. He came to check on us in the middle of the one night that small children have the hardest time falling asleep. All I saw was a beautiful head of white hair. I just KNEW it was Santa. It had to be! I snapped my eyes shut as fast as I could and held them that way forever. And Santa was very, very good to me the next morning. The End. ;-)

  4. Hmmmm bunkbeds hmmm? Let's see... when our 3 girls were younf they shared a big double bed for the longest time... enjoying all the silliness there was between them all. Especially when the youngest wouldn't sleep without her big doll...(it was almost as big as she was and the girls always woke up with it's hard plastic fingers or toes in their backs. Well one Christmas or just before... we received a delivery of like 3 or 4 big huge boxes... addressed to our 3 girls from their grandparents. And what should the surprise be but a set of bunk beds with a trundle also. So now each girl had their own bed and as much as they liked them it took them a while to get used to not sleeping all 3 in one bed. Later on when the oldest moved downstairs into her own room, the other 2 would "clean their room" by putting all the toys (insert junk) into the bottom trundle. We passed the bunks onto a family that adopted several kids into their family.

  5. Hi ! So cute little cats and girls!

    Thank you for this giveaway!

    My sister and i had bunk beds... being the youngest, i had to sleep down...I remembered us playing horses...yeah does these bunk beds had some inspiration on this...well i dont know... in fact, i am a bit sad/frustrated because i can t really remember any good stories about them... My parents then make two indivuals bed, my mother said it was too hard for her to change the sheets on the upper one...

  6. Well, I don't really have a bunk bed story but it's a loft bed story. Does that count?? We got our daughter one of those groovy loft beds from ikea, they are quite high. Her cat was freaking out a bit at the bottom of the bed because she couldn't get to her. Within about 1 hour of having the bed, the cat had taught herself to climb the ladder. One of the funniest things I have ever seen! I always meant to take a video of it and send it into funniest home videos...never got around to it though.

    Those purses are very cute!

  7. My bunk bed story isn't going to make you laugh. Just cry. It's only a new story though!! Missy Moo fell off the ladder of the bunk beds that Pa and Grandma bought especially for the kids to sleep in when we visit their place. She's currently 10 days into 5/6 weeks of a back slab and bandages (from fingers to underarm) because she broke (and has had pinned) her arm just above her elbow. There was lots of tears from Missy Moo (who was VERY brave) and her mummy (who was not so brave)... so lucky there was a very big and brave daddy there to deal with the ikky stuff!!

  8. Hi Jodie.
    For a long time I shared a room with my younger sister. I had the top bunk & she had the bottom. When I slept, I liked to stretch my long limbs out & occasionally an arm or a leg would fall over the side of the bed. I soon discovered that this scared the absolute s**t out of my sister & being the kind & loving older sister that I was, I continued to do it for years on end. It got to the point where she knew what it was, but the fright of a zombie-like limb falling of the bed made her scream every time.
    Don't you just love older sisters.

  9. Love the little coin purses but I don't have a bunk story. I've never had bunks. (Thank god - I wouldn't like making them I'm sure)

  10. Hi Jodie! Not sure if I've commented before, but I've been following your blog for a while now (Jealously, as a born and bred country girl now residing in the city!)
    As a child I shared a small room with my sister and twin brothers the room was dominated by two large bunk beds, my sister and I in one, and my brothers in the other. I'm not particularly good at remembering funny stories, but I can tell you 2 bunks make the best cubby!! Drape a large quilt from one top bunk to the other, then smaller blankets or quilts straight down from the top bunk to the floor, and what do you have? Rooms! 3 in total. One for boys, one for girls, and a 'lounge room' for all your toys, tea parties and board games! Many a rainy day was passed in our awesome cubby house!

  11. They're such cute purses! Here's my contribution to the unpleasant bunk bed stories:

    When I was in grade 6 we went on a school excursion from the Northern Tablelands to Sydney, and stayed in a YMCA type place with lots of bunk beds. In the middle of the night one night, one of the girls rolled off the top bunk, knocked herself out and broke her nose. The ambulance was called and none of the rest of us were allowed to sleep in the top bunks for the rest of the trip. At least we had a very exciting story to tell when we got home (yes, grade 6 girls are full of empathy...not)! The girl recovered fully, but I suspect she avoided top bunks for a while after that....

  12. my story is simple:

    we were given a bunk bed from my sister - in total there are three beds (one is a trundle).
    so, where do my boys sleep every night??? squashed together on the bottom bunk - i don't think the top bunk has ever been used!


  13. HI Jodie,
    Be warned, my story is more likely to make you cry than laugh. Anyway, we were babysitting a friends big 5 year old boy. All the kids had just been bathed. Big boy was sitting on the top bunk. Little 3 year old fragile girl was sitting on the floor next to the bottom bunk with her leg out stretched putting on her slippers. Big boy fell off the top bunk onto little fragile girls leg.

    This is the result...

    ...suffice to say, little fragile 3 year old girl (Meg)is now a happy, unaffected 6 year old.
    Thats my story in a nutshell.

  14. Presuming this is probably all over but mine is the fact that dear daughter went to bed in hers, then dreamt she was tripping over a log while running through a forest and ended up falling off into her fish tank ( a high diving attempt perhaps??) About 12 cms of gashes to 2 spots in her arms, pools of red water flowing from the fish tank.. withher bedside light iin the middle....all mean that there will never be bunks here again!!
    And looking forward to hearing about the new venture!
    Cheers, Tracey


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