Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Dance..........

O.K... The lucky winner from last post was Lissa Jane... Email me your snail mail Lissa and a special something is headed your way.... ;)
So here they are, in all of their glory, Millie's Crawler/Walkin' pants with extra padded knee/scruff pads, to stop those damn burrs burrowing in........
After an afternoon of fencing out in the paddock with Dad yesterday I can firmly say that they have definitely passed the quality assurance test....
Little Millie played and crawled and and played and crawled and even through in a bit of walking and dirt eating for good measure too... This all took place in the roughest of terrains, my big back yard, and at the end of the day I'm happy to report...... NO BURRS, YIPP-EE!!!! (now, that's a first)
That's definitely worth a happy dance, don't you think.... LOL!!!
This little pants pattern was so easy to draft up I was thinking of doing it as a tutorial, what do you think????
Hugs............ Jodie.............


  1. Oh those are triffic, and how fabulous to end the day burr-less.

    I shall make sure to show destructoBoy those pics, he is fascinated with the red dirt in Australia.

  2. Jodie, these are such a great idea. I love tutorials and appreciate all the talented ladies that produce them....
    So go for it !!!
    ps. Love her style of different shoes. LOL!

  3. got to love those pants...groovy yet functional.

  4. Bless her. What a sweetheart!

  5. Pants! I knew that LOL! Congrats to Lissa Jane AND to your little burr-free cutie!

  6. those are adorable- love the knees. oh please DO post a tutorial- perfect for this season! xo m.

  7. Jodie they look great. They might have to be renamed the happy dance pants!

  8. How cute... My kids love playing in mud and dirt, although I'm trying my best to steer them to the sand. Sand, however, is not half as fun. Stuff that stains, smells and/or is full of germs is SO much more fun... Love the dress in the thread below!

    I thought I was the only one sewing in Australia, but I must be wrong :-) I have an absolute obsession with op-shops and vintage fabrics. I have two wardrobes full...

  9. Jodie
    thanks for this wonderful giveaway.. after looking at these pics I think maybe you should have made them in 'dirt' colour :O) looks like she is having a great ol' time!


  10. Millie is sooo cute. And so are her pants.

  11. When we lived in Japan... they had some darling socks that were sort of like your cute pants! They were really long and went up over the knees, plus had extra pads at the knees.
    Nothing like helping out the kids in the knee department... that is always the first thing to go!
    I still wear mine out a lot! Guess it just goes to show we have a lot to be on our knee's for!

  12. Hi Jodie
    Love those trousers/pants!

    Would enjoy a tutorial - great idea - my son is almost at the walking stage (cruising the furniture but not quite ready to let go!) and I think these would be really useful for him for the garden.

  13. You have a beautiful 'big' back yard!
    Sweet pics.

    Cheers - Joolz


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