Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pumpkin-y Goodness.....

Today growing in my cedar tree I found the most perfect little treat..... It was a golden nugget pumpkin just right for the pickin'.........
Not being able to help myself I chopped it open straight away and to my surprise it was just perfect....... So tonight we'll be feasting on delicious homegrown pumpkin with our dinner, YUMMO!!!!

I can't wait for the rest of my pumpkins to ripen now!!! I have visions of tiny little jars filled with pumpkin-y goodness lining the shelves of my pantry in the not too distant future.... I have a recipe for pumpkin jam that sounds divine but that's it... Do you have any great pumpkin preserving recipes???? I'd love to hear them if you do....

Hugs....... Jodie.....................


  1. Jealous! Im having a hard time with my pumpkins; one grew around the wire on the fence, so its not doing well. Then a rat nibbled on the only big one growing, and then the huge hail storm we had Sat tore my plant to shreds. Ill be lucky to get just one! Yours look fab; good luck with the cooking/preserving!

  2. I know there's a good pumpkin chutney recipe out there - will track it down for you if I can.
    Love the crochet ric rac.
    and toast in the middle of the night??!! Yikes!
    xx Amy

  3. Jodie , I'll be back to find out more ! Pumpkin is one of my absolute favs.....I'd love to know a few more ways to use it !

  4. Home made pumpkin soup! I know that isn't a preserve, but it is SO yummy! Cheers!

  5. That looks great! I have a wonderful Pumpkin loaf recipe. I will have to blog it shortly :)

  6. What about pumpkin soup? You should be able to make that and can it! I will look and see what I have!

  7. hi there i have a very good recipe for pumpkin butter if you would like to have it you may e mail me at cloe61@aol.com the recipe i have is delicious and i have often sold quite a few jars at my farm market stand here where i live in the usa....... i really do enjoy reading your blog and if you'd be up for some very inspirational stories you may check my blog out as well ..... i hope to hear from you have a wonderful day !!

  8. Oooh, I have never heard of pumpkin jam before. Is it something like this - http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/flavorsoffall/pumpkin-preserves.htm

    Can't wait to see how it goes! :)


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