Saturday, March 13, 2010

'free time'.................

While DH and Miss Connie took a load of goats to town this afternoon, little Millie and I got to work utilising our 'free time'....
First up we made a lined dress for Connie. She goes to town on a Monday for 'school' and being St Patrick's Day this Monday coming a new green dress was definitely on the cards...
We then worked on something super cute for Millie.....
It even has a little hand stitching in a couple of spots........

Can you guess what it is???? The first person who does will get a special little something.....

Here's' hoping you have a chance for some 'free time' this weekend...

Hugs...... Jodie..............


  1. Hi! This dress is so cute! For Millie, it looks like some warm pants/leggings...just to wear like this or under a skirt... Nice job and nice blog, i really like the homemade spirit of it! Felicitations!

  2. Love Connie's sweet green dress. Hope she is enjoying her day at school.

    Millie's outfit looks like a sleep suit for winter.

    Enjoy your weekend, Lisa

  3. Tracky dacks ! That green dress is beautiful .

  4. the first thing that came to mind was a pair of trackiepants - although whatever it is looks very cute!

  5. Jodie
    such a sweet dress for Miss Connie.. I am thinking you have made Crawler pants for miss milly with pads for the knees for softness.. I made something similar for The Beast (aka Darcy) when he was crawling to stop splinters! oh the joys of an old house!


  6. YAY for free time and for sewing up super cuteness for those adorable nieces of mine :)

  7. Well, I thought they looked like trackie dacks too, but it only looks like there's one leg... so I am going to go way out on a limb and guess a hot water bottle cozy... LOL. I am probably way off, but anyway, whatever it is a I love the colours and it looks really cozy. xo m.

  8. Thats what I would have said too Meagan! LOL It is starting to get chilly!

  9. What a sweet dress for Miss Connie! I thought you might have made some pants for Miss Millie too. Oh I have given you an award too so make sure you pop by!

  10. Miss Connie's little green dress is soooo cute! And you have me stumped with Miss Millie's new little item -- it looks like some sort of sleeve.


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