Eager to Start...

O.K. I know! No more beanie's, I promise!!! (Well no more beanies in this pattern anyway.)
I finished this one during my lunch break today, isn't it just gorgeous! I think the crochet flower really sets it off... I just played around for a while and here's what I came up with...

Crochet Flower Pattern:
Using 4.00m hook & 8ply wool, make a length of chain 20cm long (making an even # of chain).
1st Row - Miss 1ch, 1dc in each chain to end.
2nd Row - 1ch, 1dc in 1st dc (3ch, miss 1dc, 1dc in next dc) 3 times, * 5ch, miss 1dc, 1dc in next dc, rep from * to end. Fasten off.
To make up, roll work beginning with small loops in centre, stitch through all layers at base as you roll. Use loose ends to sew to beanie or any other garment you like....

I'm so excited!!! I received the details of the person that I'll be sending my Doll Quilt to today. She lives in America, but I can't reveal where, it's supposed to be a surprise... I have already decided what design I'm going to do, I'm thinking along the lines of rustic log cabin with a touch of embroidery on the border. All I have to do now is pick out the fabric. Mustardy browns and either blues or greens??? I'm not quite sure. I have until the 12th of July to get it into the post that's just under 4 weeks. I can't wait!!! I think I might have to get started tomorrow!!!!
I posted the link to the Doll Quilt Swap sight a while back but here it is again for those of you who missed it...
Enrollments for this round are unfortunately closed, but the site has heaps of pics of Doll Quilts from previous swaps. It's really worth a look!!!

Now for my next knitting project I really have to do something with that red and cream wool... I know that I said no more beanies, so I'm thinking maybe these little mittens/gloves would look good in red (red will hide the dirt a bit better then cream) for my little princess...
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday, here is....

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #13 - Go Shopping, It really does work!!


  1. That beanie is just gorgeous!
    I love browns at the moment..

    The girl in America will be very lucky to receive your work, I hope you get something from someone that's as talented as you are! (did that make sense?)

    I almost bought a kids 'knitting for beginners' the other day - not for the kids though, for me!! LOL
    I am seriously going to learn, i think i would really enjoy it. And reading your posts inspire me so much! I love it.

    Love to you and your family! Jen

  2. OOoh thanks for popping by my blog..! Look at your crochet style.. me..I cannot crochet.. but i can bake whilst ill! xx pip

  3. Thanks Jen...
    I'm glad that you like my new beanie! You really should get into knitting, it's so easy once you get started.
    Here's a website which has heaps of knitting tips for beginners. You should go check it out...
    It's great to know that I'm offering you inspiration.

    Love Jodie

  4. Hi Pip,
    Thanks for coming bye and checking out my blog. I really love your blog!! I check it out on a regular basis.
    Your one up on me with the baking whilst you're ill, that's the last thing I think about, it would just make me worse.
    Keep up the great work, your such an inspiration!!!

  5. Hey jojo,
    love love love the beanie.....
    we need to talk about a wool swap...got a few ideas for u....
    love the new conversational style of ur blog....keep it up....mayb u could pick up a coupla brooch backs from spotlight and make flower broches also....
    luv Abby


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