My Next Project

My bag is finished!!!

It has turned out great. All I have to do to it now is hand quilt it and it is officially finished!!!

I ended up using 2.5' squares. 49 for the back and 33 for the front. The stitchery is worked on a 8.5' square. The handles are 3' x 18', they were sewn folded in half right sides facing then turned inside out. Too easy. if anyone wants the full pattern just post a comment and I'll email it to you!!

My hubby and I also got my garden shed finished on Sunday. I'm so happy with it.... I bought it from our local hardware store about 2 months ago for $509 (what a bargin). It came in kit form, in a 2.0m x 0.5m, ready to assemble. The finished shed size is 3m x 2.8m and it's 2m high at its highest point. It has been my yard buy of the year.
Seen as though it is getting pretty cold in my neck of the woods I have decided that my next project will be a flapper hat (beanie) for my little 9mth old girl. I found the pattern on Sarah With an H's site, I love this site. Here is the link to the pattern It's worth a look!!!

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #7 - Always look at what you have done and not at what you haven't.


  1. Your bag is AWESOME, wow you are fast!

  2. Hey jojo,
    I agree with nicole...u are soooo is sooo pretty...a girls gotta luv the shed...what a lucky girl u are...will see it all in person this weekend.... mayb we can organise aknit outside day for sunday....bit delayed but what do ya think....
    luv Abby

  3. Great bag, great shed, great.... everything!
    I wish i could make things, unfortunatly my only special talent is making babies! LOL.
    I love reading this!!!


  4. I'm glad you like the bag Nic! I can't wait to see some pics of your boys b'day on your blog.


  5. The knit outside sounds great. Can't wait to see you on the weekend.

    Love JoJo

  6. Hi Jen,
    Your clever too! The photos that you have on your blog are great! See photography is your special talent.

    Love Jodie

  7. I love the bag, you have done a gorgeous job. I would love it if you could share your pattern. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Email addy is
    Many thanks


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