There's No Place Like Home

Yipee!! I'm home.
I love traveling, and I especially love visiting my mum, but there is really no place like home, especially when you have a young child that likes the smells and surrounds of their own home.
My new car is GREAT!!!!Here's the picture that I promised.While we were driving I managed to finish the red gloves that I started for my little princess this week. Here they are in action....
I also got a chance to start another pair in a dusty pink coloured wool. Isn't it funny how different the same pattern knits up when you use a different brand of wool but same ply? The pink wool has knitted up about 1cm bigger all over then the red wool did. Hopefully I'll finish the other pink mitten tomorrow then I'll post a copy of my pattern for anyone that might be interested.

I'd like to send a big thankyou out there to Mandie from for the wonderful link that she gave me to a sock tutorial and pattern. Mandie it was/is just fantastic, so easy to understand that I'm just itching to get started. I'm hoping to make a start tomorrow after I finish my mittens. Here's the link This is for all of those other knitters out there, just like me, who find the thought of knitting socks a little bit daunting. This site is the greatest and will help all of you to overcome those fears, trust me....

Today's 'Get Happy Tip' #18 - Seek pleasure from what you have. Once you do that, dealing with your difficulties gets easier.


  1. Noice wheels Jodes!
    Glad you found the link helpful, Dot sent it to me when I said I wanted to knit socks. I've cast on and that's the extent of my sock knitting career so far! Hasn't stopped me gathering sock yarn though :-)

  2. hey jojo,
    love love LOVE the new car...
    great sock link I will be getting stuck into socks soon I hope...
    luv Abby

  3. Hi everyone,
    Thanks!!! I used to have a 2005 model landcruiser prado, which I absolutely loved. But I must say that this car definately trumps it without fail. I'm hopefully getting the windows tinted next week, which will just finish it off nicely.



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