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I'm back!!! I had a great weekend away with the family. Saturday was the first time that my husband and I have left our daughter alone with anyone for a whole day. It was a refreshing break. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my little princess and so does my Hubby, but it was just really great to spend a bit of time together, alone, as adults.

We clocked up 1400km of driving on our trip and as a result I have knitted another 2 pairs of gloves. I used the same pattern for both but they have turned out so completely different. One pair were knitted on 3.0mm needles using 8ply 100% merino wool and the other were knitted on 5.5mm needles using 12ply 50% mohair/50% acrylic wool.

I just love fingerless gloves! They keep my hands warm but don't limit the feeling in my fingers when I'm stitching, knitting or writing. The pattern is really easy. All you have to do is...

(free pattern)
cast on 44st if using 8ply wool and 3.00mm needles or 25st if using 12ply wool and 5.5mm needle. Work in garter stitch (Knit each row) until work measures desired length, my gloves measure 16cm long. Cast off very loosely. Sew up side seam. Leave an opening for thumb of about 3cm approx 4.5cm from top. On the grey glove I have added a crochet edge to jazz it up a bit.

I bought some more wool while I was away, not that I need it. I might make some little socks for my daughter out of the white and yellow mohair, the purply/blue is what I made a pair of gloves out of, and as for the green I think that would be great for some socks for my hubby... All of this knitting will have to sit on the back burner for the minute, I'm really dying to get stuck into my Doll Quilt. I've chosen all of the fabric that I'll be using and started to cut it out, I should hopefully have it finished by next week, then I can post it off!!!

On another note... I've found a great blog that everyone should go check out... It's Her latest post gives you a free pattern for this groovy little frog. It measures 7.5 inches long, is made out of light weight cotton and stuffed with lentils. I'm definitely going to have to make one for my little princess for her b'day in September.


  1. Knitting takes some patience and skill. I applaud it.


  2. hi jojo,
    great gloves....I think u have started a fingerless glove revolution...I have made a have made a few pairs...and jesse wants a pair and a friend wants a pair in port power colours....thats half of australia....
    great wool.....I am soooo jealous...
    luv abby

  3. Thanks for your comment Alex! I checked out your website, how did you find mine? I've never had a male comment on my blog before, are you into crafty things?


  4. Hi Ab,
    Thanks!! I know, I'm just crazy about fingerless gloves at the moment. The wool was a steal, I got it from spotlight in Wagga.

    Love JoJo

  5. Those gloves sound so easy to make, I might even be able to knit those! Thanks for the pattern Jodie :-)

  6. Well, I have attempted my first pair of gloves although they're not quite right I will definitely try again. My first glove was too big (I offered it to my dad but he's not into pink!) but the 2nd was just right. I just reread the pattern and realised I used the 5mm needles with 8ply - could be why the 1st one was so big! Anyway, thanks again Jodie for the pattern and inspiring me to knit :-)


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